Intellectual Property: All Puff and No Substance

Vanessa Brady

Defined, ‘all puff and no substance’ is a person who brags but has nothing to brag about and their audience is not impressed; not those in the room, but those who look over them in silence, condemning the flagrant hollow boasts of success when on the surface, evidence clearly shows the boast or brag is a lie.

Success is measured by the money that your commercial idea generates.

As an ideas person I’m used to people copying my commercial ideas (i.e my Intellectual Property) and every time it happens I decide if it will threaten the success of what I want to achieve from the idea or if it will be free marketing to help me get the message out to the public – if its the latter, I’m annoyed – sometimes entertained – because I know the duplication will not perform with the same values or create the same rewards and profits that I will achieve if it was executed professionally, and it dilutes my message.

I then decide how to deal with the thief. I could shut them down, or I could let them do my marketing for me and then watch them publish and fail to succeed financially. The only element of success in the financial investment of a business enterprise is profit. If they are a financial success – I simply act on the evidence I have collated and no matter when – I go after them.

A tweet got me thinking; I believe entrepreneurs aren’t trained they are born.

I am currently working on a Media programme, it’s fun. Everyone I know who works in radio or TV is divided into three groups; 1) performers, they are the Ambassadors who promote the idea 2) the investors – the business people who fund the seed growth and 3) the doers behind the scenes who make it all happen. Actually, there are always the negative groups, the hiders and shirkers who move around a lot so as to stay one step ahead; the thieves who duplicate everything from anywhere in an attempt to have the success they perceive you have acquired. What those groups fail to see is the ‘how’ that created that enjoyed success. Or over what term and across how many initiatives. They just get big eyes and think they can have it without the journey, without the hard work. Without the profit, group 1 and group 3 unite to peddle phoney success achievements but group 2; investors, look only at the profits. Investors, look at the accounts and the bank accounts transactions and know truth from fantasy. A qualified accountant can read a set of filed accounts or a business plan and no when its veiled with lies or worse. It never works. Which is why I always play devils advocate and look at the worst possible failing if I feel at risk from a theft i.e. if everything was against me – how would it affect me financially, and when that answer with a legal and social challenge is still against me, I can step aside and let the copiers carry on. If there is a chance that I can win, I wait patiently and when the timing is right – seize. It is that animal survival instinct that true entrepreneurs have. It’s not emotion, it is purely driven by profit or theft. As long as I serve the cease and deist letter on the culprits advising them that they have stolen or misrepresented my ideas as their own – I can act any time as criminal conduct is criminal. It is not time sensitive. The result? It wont affect my income. It makes me nimble on my feet. I just need to change, adapt my idea and off I go again. That is the difference between an entrepreneur and a copycat thief. It is why we are coming after thieves, in the shadows, in authority and on the internet. There is no hiding place, but I can’t do it alone.

Profit is the beginning, the middle and the end of a successful idea. It is that simple.

SBID Intellectual Property Protection campaign image

The only issue that plagues me is that the theft and misrepresentation used to make that sale, or get that investment, or close that deal is a crime unpunished. So having built many things from business to homes and investments, ten years ago I decided to make a stand – not for personal gain but for those who can’t. This is where Intellectual Property Protection comes in to play. I am thrilled to see the outcome of that combined hard work with TM-Eye is now paying off. As a private enterprise working with government and managing covert operations, they are ahead of the criminals across all walks of business and social backgrounds that they investigate. From penniless council residents involved in Intellectual Property theft who have been helped financially, to those enforcing the law using criminal methods and conduct to achieve their dream outcomes regardless of the methods and the actual truth to achieve the result. One step by step investigation into theft, conspiracies, fraud and pow! Another conviction. TM-Eye are the only empowered independent destination in the UK equipped with the authority, undercover equipment and experience to uncover and punish crime in covert operations using covert investigators in the UK. They are leading police enforcement experts, and they have the most experienced police detectives in the UK at their disposal according to a statement presented at the House of Commons. Working with Metropolitan Police, Trading Standards and many other government enforcement and investigation agencies of criminal enforcement they have an impressive 100% success record. They have delivered success for me across several areas of criminal conduct.

A good idea is just a good idea, its what you do with it that matters.

SBID Intellectual Property Protection campaign image

With the new SBID Office opening in 2019 and three projects in my practice launching in September 2018, December 2018 and December 2019, it is an exciting time for my design teams.

The office is buzzing once more, it has not been that way since 2003. We had plodded and worked hard, some had hidden, some had stolen from me and some took advantage of my busy life to hide and get paid to shop online, do their own thing or worse, stole actual items from me. It happens to every business. It sours how you feel about people. I had forgotten what it was like to really enjoy my work once more. I’m back in the saddle. Heading off towards Brexit, another challenge for government, UK citizens and me. I’m having fun again but this time, alone, fearless and protected. New challenges – no longer a country grouped in a one-size-fits-all bag. We are now free to trade as we wish, with who we wish and we are absolutely going to do so.

A government in business is a government that promotes the opportunity to develop the growth for the nation that it lays bare. I am working hard in that arena. I was awarded the OBE (Officer of the British Empire) for services to; interior design and the UK economy by the Prime Ministers Office in 2013, so it’s time to showcase those behind the scene skills that I was awarded my honour for.

My formula for success is; Protection, then promotion, followed by punishment.

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