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    Business in the final build-up to Christmas!

    By the time I get to November, I am like the rest of the industry, looking at the home run. Trying to shut down projects, complete paperwork, make those...

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    Brexit: The road to becoming a financial Island

    We are just a few months away from becoming a financial island as we enter Brexit in 2019. The government has issued guidelines for financial and business direction in...

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    Dinner Reservations on Speed

    I recently had a business meeting with a colleague from outside of London. We agreed to meet at 6pm at a restaurant in Kings Cross so that he could...

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    Intellectual Property: All Puff and No Substance

    Defined, ‘all puff and no substance’ is a person who brags but has nothing to brag about and their audience is not impressed; not those in the room, but...

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    China Fakes – We Found Them!

    Interestingly, directly below the China Science and Technology Museum is a fake market. It is enclosed below ground and attached to the tube station. It has been one of...

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    Selling and Communicating in China

    If you are in any kind of business in China and you are not linked in some way to the internet, you will become a penny business dinosaur. By...

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    The Wonder of Wanda

    My first trip to China! I was not disappointed! Arriving at the airport I was taken by how flat the land appeared but also the sheer size of everything...

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    February 2018

    The next time you pass someone in the street helpless and homeless, don’t think about the anger for the eyesore they create as some politicians do, think about the...

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    January 2018

    Fresh Ambitions A new year brings new ambitions of self-improvement, the annual resolution, long forgotten by the end of the month in most cases, however the symbols it represents...

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    December 2017

    One for the record books.. Well we finally got there and launched the Intellectual Property Protection Register campaign for SBID members all around the world. It will provide the...

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