February 2018

The next time you pass someone in the street helpless and homeless, don’t think about the anger for the eyesore they create as some politicians do, think about the social issues that as a business, as a parent, partner or fellow human being you should think – all for the grace of god go I. For that reason I sat on Christmas Day and watched water pouring out of my newly decorated ceiling and later, when the ceiling had collapsed, the stench, the mess and the cost it created, and I just thought, lucky I wasn’t sat beneath it and counted my blessings.

In the evening I spent a lovely few hours in a warm, happy house with my family, dogs, TV, food and a tall glass of champagne thinking about how lucky I am. The next day as it all began to dry out, we looked up at it and I declared; Superman has arrived, and we are not leaving the building!

There have been times when I had nothing, when people let you down, and times when I had more than I needed too. Both provide lessons. Now I have peace, I have more than I need too because I earned it and I often give it away but hell, nobody, but nobody can take from me or mine. I often spend more than I can gain to ensure that potential takers are punished, no matter how many years it takes, I never let it go.

My New Years Resolution will not be dropped this year as I was considering dry January but I wouldn’t like that and well, I decided in a selfish way to work at something that will improve others before me. I am working with a number of colleagues knocking out some criminal conduct in what will be a shocking disclosure and put my leisure time into it as a project instead of a hobby. I will also work with a philanthropist on a project which we are nearly ready to launch and over the next few years will provide life changing opportunities. With funding agreed, I am really excited to move this along. As it will be controversial in places, I step down from the ambassadorial role of President of SBID to become the first CEO of SBID, doing what makes me happier; creating best
practice management and provide business development to help others grow and shine. I am working on two lovely design projects where both clients are top of their game and are both as good as individuals from within as they are in their field of expertise. My note to self is return to doing work for people you like and simply …keep walking away from those you don’t. I think it is a rule that interior design should have assumed many years ago, whilst it is a skill and
profession that I believe had always captured the hearts and imagination of the consumer, it had failed to demonstrate ethics, the process of information and procurement along with business best practice. Without integrity no matter how skilled or how much ‘flair’ you possess, in my view – you will always be flawed.

There is only one way and that’s the right way. I am glad that through the SBID we have, in less than a decade, created the route to the profession of interior design. Copied and duplicated by an alternative provider it may be, but we still don’t have a competitor. Which makes it much better for the public and just means we will always be in front. Now we will work on corporate social responsibility and punishment of IP theft. We will give to those with less by creating a huge financial legacy and punish those that have taken from me and mine by dishing out a sting in the tail that will really hurt.