The Brexit Vote, now what happens!

As is often the case in such instances when egos get in the way of the real issues – I want to shout guys, just get the job done!

I, like the rest of the nation, in fact the rest of the first-world, am watching with anticipation, caution and looking for opportunity to generate resolve. Let’s move on to the next project.

Businesses globally need to manage the challenges and pursue the opportunities that Brexit could bring. As much as many companies and individuals need to be cautious of others attempting to cause obstruction so as to generate additional income, it is frugal of all of us watching to ‘Dib dib, be prepared’ as they said in the Brownies.

I am working hard with existing relationships and building on new horizons to expand beyond Europe, as other countries enter the arena – many of which were not considered in the past and many of which were not regarded when the EU was formed as first world nations.

As with all relationships its not really about the deal, its about who presents the deal, who manages it, how it is managed. Its always about personalities – that why its called diplomacy. I could never be a politician, I would need to hold my tongue and Im not good at that when I see baloney or an injustice. Even if it costs me.

Of course the simplest thing in the world would be for each party to lay their cards on the table and share exactly what they want to make a deal succeed. But some parties think that would equate to ‘showing your hand’, so that will never happen.

One of the first thing I am doing in March 2019 working on an international stage will be to work with our partners at TM-Eye, Metropolitan Police, Trading Standards and the British Intellectual Property Office with the Chinese government to bridge the barriers created by design fakes and copyright infringement. A key deterrent for companies to work with Asia is the risk such companies face when their design is duplicated, manufacturing processes are compromised and profits are weakened due to design right infringement.

Working to prevent this, I will be showcasing examples of criminal prosecutions across theft in areas such as Trademark infringement, Database theft and intellectual property theft here in the UK through our government and private company partnerships. With the support and encouragement of governmental departments to actively enforce the law against these crimes, it has provided a real sense of hope for the design industry sector to grow and develop marketshare. An opportunity that we have been unable to address throughout my entire career. For me therefore, Brexit is going to be a challenging and scary time but also exciting and a potential time for growth in new areas of business development.

Brexit will be an arm-wrestle at the negotiating table – it will be a cost issue for consumers but for those in business – it will open doors, it will help entrepreneurial ideas  develop as new ways to do different things and the same things differently emerge.

Brexit was like many thinks in life, not a decision I chose but now we have it, we have to accept it and get on with it. So I believe we have the best of both worlds, we are and will always be Europeans – although now we run our own bank account! I think thats good, it has made us open our minds to trading as our first choice beyond Europe.

I quite like a challenge so lets see what comes out of the enforcement actions as well as the positive actions.

The first thing to do when creating or developing an idea is to register it, even if you have not done so, if somebody steals it and the method in which it was obtained was underhand, you may still be able to bring a case for theft against those who stole it. If a database is stolen it is now a criminal offence. Evidence is evidence – no matter how long before you bring a case. Criminal law unlike civil law is not limited by the six-year-rule. Firstly in all cases, you should serve upon the offender a letter to cease and desist. Then sit back, watch them earn money and when its worth your while financially – shut them down. I like that. I hate theft and people who think they can just take a look over the fence, see something they like and just take it from someone else. It is so common in design that at last we will soon be able to address the issue – and we do so with government support.

The biggest news to report on this point for designers is that the Chinese government want to stop the fakes, copies and design theft. Now that is something to celebrate for the entire industry. We will be working with China and across Asia in 2019 See you all in China next year.

Come on Brexit!