Finding a Balance between Italian and British Markets

Vanessa and the Italian Chamber of Commerce go back many years before the SBID was incorporated. Commenting on the collaboration forged between Italy and the UK in terms of design, products and business, Vanessa discusses how the two nations can strengthen their relationship:

A long-established love affair has endured between Britain and Italy. The reason? It is the passion for aesthetics, beauty, wow and of course business! Yes, we do the same things, but we do them so differently we are the perfect marriage of countries to compete in a global market. Ask anyone to describe an Englishman’s personality and business technique and they will probably say: reliable, a little boring or dry humoured or even stiff, not flexible. Ask the same people to describe an Italian man and you might expect to hear: well dressed, stylish, relaxed and perhaps a little less interested in time. That description converts in the UK to
mean less structured. These observations led me in conversation with the Italian Chamber of Commerce to take a look at how as two independent entities we can work more closely together as two nations, but specifically in the creative industries of interior design, products, manufacturing and business.

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